to whom it may concern

I am not passionate about anything in my life more than I am passionate about you. I cannot ever be fully distracted by anything more than I am distracted by the thought of you. You are my goal, no matter how much I have accomplished for you, no matter how much of you I have won over, I will always be striving for more. All everyone wants in life is happiness, and you are the definition of it.

You are a king, but I won’t be your queen. I will be your servant, bringing you all things to keep you content. I will be your army, fighting your battles and protecting you. I will be your maid, cleaning up after all your messes in life and making sure everything is in order. I will bow down and respect you.

Give me all your sorrows. Give me all your fears. Pack all your negativity into me and I will take it away. I will travel across the world to take it all away from you if it means your mind will be at ease. Do not worry about my happiness. Do not worry if you see me cry. Do not worry about me at all. If to make you happy means I have to destroy myself, then I will endure all the pain that anyone has ever suffered.

When I say I cannot be selfless, I am lying. When you see me taking care of myself, putting myself before others, or only worried about me, it is all a facade. When I cut off all communication with you, when I walk away from our situation, when I say “I deserve better”, just know it is truly killing me inside.

To you this is a love letter, to me it is a confession of my biggest flaw.


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