a break for transformation.

I can feel a lot of changes happening. Some that were planned and some that I have no choice but to welcome and embrace. The outcome, nonetheless, will be a positive one.

It’s time for me to change what I give my attention to, and even though it’ll seem like I’m giving up writing or reading, I’m actually spending more time and focusing on both. I just need to prepare myself and learn a lot more before I’m ready to take a step forward. I need to take a moment to find my style of writing and work on it, instead of sporadically typing up anything I’m feeling in the moment and sharing it on platforms where it can be misconstrued as something else. I want my true self to be shown in my writing, for it’s my only outlet where I can comfortably express myself.

I hope that anyone that stops by my page sees the effort I put into my writing and leaves their thoughts because even when I do resume writing, I’ll still be learning. Whether it’s about the topic I expand on or about my writing style in general, comments are welcomed because your opinion does matter to me. Don’t ever think you’re wasting your time by discussing something because there’s a chance that someone is too afraid to say the same thing you’re thinking.

As I work on writing pieces on various topics, I’ll be sharing some blogs that I’ve found along the way. I have already come across a few new bloggers and websites that I find entertaining and inspiring. Some writers whose blogs I’ve read a long time ago have drastically improved their work and have been contributing to many websites, and seeing their progress motivates me.

To have their passion and determination would be a success itself.



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