When I look at you I memorize all the features of your face and body. The shape of your eyes, nose, and lips. The way the hair on your head sticks up in one direction when you sleep on that side. I can come home and close my eyes and see the whole outline of your head, arms, and chest. I can remember how scruffy you get and how fat your cheeks are.

I can wear your shirt and your scent is with me no matter how much it gets washed. When I’m close up next to you, my face against your neck, I breathe you in and try to take you with me when I leave. It’s not cologne or anything you put on, it’s just you.

Hearing your voice is something I look forward to everyday, even if you’re tired or angry. I could mock everything you say because I love how you say it. I can hear you laugh at something and feel happiness. I hear you moan and feel pleasure. I could hear you talk about something and fall deeper and deeper in love.

I could taste you and never get enough. The sweetness from your lips satisfies my cravings. The saltiness of your skin keeps me wanting more and more. Every bite of you fills me up until I am hungry for you again.

I can remember how every part of you feels, from when you hold my hand to when you hold my waist. The way your beard is the perfect hardness when it needs to be and the perfect softness when it needs to be. I could run my fingers through your hair all day, scratch my nails on your head gently and put you to sleep forever. Feeling your body against mine is the perfect bliss.

When I’m with you, all my senses are heightened.