I have this obsession with a happy life. A life where I have everything and I am doing “what I’m supposed to be doing”. Where I’m working and making money, finishing school, working out, having and spending time with my friends and boyfriend, doing things I like- like writing, reading, blogging, going out, trying new things- the list goes on. I’m so obsessed and caught up with this woman I’m supposed to be. That girl on Instagram who is beautiful in the face, mind, and body. Who has such nice clothes, hair, and material things, but is also funny, laid back, and relatable. That girl who has everything going for her and is followed and liked (in real life and on social media) by everyone. The girl who has all the energy in the world to be up at 6am to work out, put on a full face of makeup, eat breakfast, pack lunch, and still be on time for work where she is wide awake and ready to get to work- and loves doing what she does. This girl has such a great group of friends and a boyfriend who is her mirrored half. She parties and dances but also stays home a lot and reads. She seems to have a day made up of 48 hours instead of the 24 that everyone else has.

Who is this girl- does she really exist? Or is she someone I made up and see in every other girl except me?

I’m in denial about how lowly I think of myself.